March 21, 2008

john is absolutely right

John's Blog : Apple Software Update

I was thinking very much the same thing when I first got this notice on my Windows machine.

It really is wrong to make cause for users to mistrust, or even worse, to distrust, software update systems.

If the software update relationship isn't an honest and trusted one, user will suffer. Tarnishing the mechanism like this does the entire software industry a disservice.

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update: Via c|net we get this gem from Apple flack Bill Evans, We are using Software Update to make it easy and convenient for both Mac and Windows users to get the latest Safari update from Apple.

Misinformed or mendacious? You decide. I've already made up my mind and my opinion of Apple has been considerably diminished.

update2: And no, this isn't like the IE7 update. IE 7 is an update for IE 6 which is on my system. Safari 3.1 is not an update for my iTunes installation nor is it an update for my QuickTime install. It is simply not an update and it's completely disingenuous for Apple to make that claim.

Also a shame that journalists publishing the Apple statement didn't challenge such an obviously false claim.

update3: And no, I am not bothered by the idea of more Safari users on Windows. I don't think that's what this is about at all. Had Apple leveraged it's installed software by having iTunes or QuickTime prompt users with an offer to install additional software from Apple, that'd be fine with me.

What's not fine with me is strapping an unrequested program onto a mechanism that's before now been reserved for security and stability updates for already installed programs. Doing that weakens the trust that is critical to keeping users safe.

If people are afraid that by OK'ing an application update they will get unrequested new programs installed, they're going to stop being comfortable with application update services. That's bad for not just Mozilla, that's bad for anyone with a computer.

Apple could do the right thing by simply creating a separate service or by redesigning the current one to make a very explicit distinction between updates for installed programs and offers of new programs. If that was done right, it could be an effective channel for Apple to reach Windows users with new software offers.

I personally think it would be quite annoying to get software offers like this, but it wouldn't be harmful to the safety and security of hundreds of millions of computer users.

I suspect it wouldn't be terribly effective either and I'd wager that's why Apple took the more effective and more deceptive approach here.

update4: And no, this isn't the same as Acrobat Reader's installer offering the Google Toolbar or any of those other bundled installers. This isn't about crappy installers, it's about the pollution of the update experience.

There's a huge difference between cramming more crap into the install experience, which only serves to dissuade people from installing new software, and the damage this Apple action does to a mostly functioning update system that users mostly trust and need to trust to stay safe.

final update: since I had them in tabs I figured I'd dump the blog roundup here for anyone that's interested and for posterity.

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