January 24, 2008

firefox marketshare continues to rise

XiTi Monitor's latest survey results points to December's strong growth across the globe, especially in South America and Oceania.

In the US, XiTi reports a December gain of nearly one percentage point to 21% of the market. In Europe, December growth was also strong, putting Firefox at 28%. Australia and New Zealand were the big Firefox winners in December gaining 1.4 percentage points and becoming the first region to break the 30% mark with a Firefox market of 31.1%.

Consistent with their previous study, Firefox migration to the latest version is still dramatically outpacing IE migration to the latest version. According to XiTi, 93% of Firefox users are using Firefox 2 while only 47% of IE users are on 7. (BTW, my calculations suggest something closer to 97% of Firefox users on Firefox 2)

Until they publish in English, here's a Google translation.

Posted by asa at 11:34 AM