November 15, 2007

ignorance or malice?

There are a number of blog posts out there, presumably based on the same Gregg Keizer article, that are claiming "Mozilla Won't Fix 80% of Firefox 3.0’s Bugs"

That claim is simply horseshit. We've already fixed over 11,000 bugs and features in Firefox 3 and now we're discussing how to handle the remaining 700 issues we wanted to get fixed for Firefox 3.

update While I do think that the the article's headline was over the top, I didn't mean this to come off as rude as it now reads to me. Reading a couple of the comments here I see that I wasn't setting a very good example with the tone of my post. Sorry about that, and sorry Gregg (if you're reading this) for those comments that I unintentionally inspired.

I wasn't actually reacting to Gregg's article so much as a few blog posts I read that referenced Gregg's article -- or even just the headline. The headline, which I think is wrong in several ways, got a lot of pickup and a number of people who know considerably less about Mozilla than Gregg got my ire up with their commentary.

Posted by asa at 7:23 PM