i should be more like mike


Mike Shaver has a very informative post up for those of you not deeply involved in the development of Firefox but want to understand what drives our development and release process better.

The only issue I have with shaver's post is that he didn't use the word "horseshit" anywhere in it :-)


Seems to me that this confirms the obvious... Firefox is fading away... and it's a sad day... I'm a long time web developer and Mozilla supporter... I don't know that that's the case anymore, Safari is superior and even IE is knocking on the door... Is Firefox/Mozilla dead??? How is it that all of Google's millions seems to have killed the storm that was evolving 4/5 years ago... the end of an era!

jim, don't be so melodramatic. Mozilla is on the right track and your histrionics just aren't warranted.

and, 4 to 5 years ago was actually a pretty bad time in the world of browsers. Microsoft owned about 95% of the market and there were no viable alternatives. Today, we've got IE 7 (thanks to Firefox's pushing MS) Firefox 2 and soon Firefox 3. That's a helluvalot better than the web situation 4 to 5 years ago.

Mozilla and Firefox have never been this healthy. The web has never been this healthy. If you make a webpage that only works in IE you are laughed at instead of getting the nod. Firefox has a lot of paid and non paid developers constantly working on it and a lot of other projects such as Songbird, Thunderbird, Miro and Joost are using Firefox's code and of course fixing bugs in it and adding features.
How can you say that Firefox is fading away, that Safari superior is(what!?) and that IE is even competing with Firefox, Opera and Safari. You sir, are nuts.

Jim, you're a joker.

How can you even push Safari and IE over Mozilla?

That's so silly, it's actually funny to me.

Safari stinks, IE stinks, Firefox rocks hard.

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