October 24, 2007

gmail becomes an option

It looks like gmail is about to become a reasonable option for me. There are reports of select accounts getting IMAP support.

This is actually kind of funny. About three years ago, Larry and Sergey were visiting Mozilla to meet with Mitchell and Brendan and some others when Sergey and I happened to start talking about gmail. I asked him why it didn't have IMAP support. His answer was something to the effect of "I'm not sure. I don't personally use IMAP." We talked a bit more about it and I tried to convince him that IMAP was much more in line with webmail since both dealt with location independence so well. He promised that he'd take that feedback to the team.

Now, I'm sure I had nothing to do with it, but it's still great to see that it's finally coming. I can't wait. Being able to utilize gmail's amazing search capabilities using the web interface while also being able to use Thunderbird for a more comfortable (to me) daily usage setup is going to probably move me from my own hosting setup to Google's.

update: well, it's not available on my account yet but according to the gmail blog, it should be soon.

Posted by asa at 9:28 AM