August 23, 2007

responsible logo usage

Just about every day I run across someone using Firefox's ancient, pre-1.0 logo. To most people it won't be obvious or it won't seem like a big deal, but it's a real peeve of mine so I'm asking you all to help me spread the word.

Below, I've provided a sample illustrating the two logos and offering some suggestions for quickly identifying which logo you're looking at. In addition, I'm providing a couple of links to the correct image in several sizes and formats. If you all could, please help me rid the web of that old version. Thanks.

large alpha png (100KB) medium alpha png (60KB) small alpha png (20KB)
large gif (on white) (64KB) medium gif (on white) (32KB) small gif (on white) (12KB)
large jpg (on white) (112KB) medium jpg (on white) (68KB) small jpg (on white) (20KB)

And, as always, please also help others to use these logos correctly and legally. Thanks.

Posted by asa at 2:56 PM