August 22, 2007

firefox still the champ on linux

The results are out from the 2007 Desktop Linux Survey, and no surprises here. Firefox continues to dominate the Linux desktop.

Thunderbird still maintains its slim lead over Evolution but the real winner in this round of the survey is the web with more than 10% of respondents using some flavor of webmail.

Firefox, and Mozilla before it, is the reason that I was able to spend significant time on the (still) not very mature Linux desktop. Having a comfortable browsing environment, where I spend most of my computing time, allowed me to overlook all of the things that just don't work so well on Linux.

Now if only the Linux developers and vendors would put some time into building a real program install system that works for software vendors instead of locking users into their little walled gardens.... More on that later.

Posted by asa at 2:53 PM