August 8, 2007

does a headline create truth?

The Mozilla community is engaged in a discussion around user adoption and retention that's been picked up by some in the tech media with headlines and articles suggesting that Mozilla's roughly 25% adoption/retention number is shockingly bad.

I wonder what they're comparing it to. Do any of you all know of any other software organization that offers software for download and publishes information about the number of downloads they get, the number of people who actually install the software, and the number of people that continue using it for a month or a year?

Do Adrian and Larry at ZDNet have something to compare Mozilla's stats to? I'm assuming that they do since they feel confident calling Mozilla's adoption and retention rates "shocking" and "poor".

Me, I have no idea. Perhaps 25% retention is phenomenal for downloaded software. Maybe it's sub-par.

We've had nearly 400,000,000 downloads of Firefox and we've got about 110 million users. Is that good? Is that bad? How does that compare to Skype, or RealPlayer, or LimeWire, for example? I certainly don't know and I've actually been looking for that kind of information for three or four years.

Maybe those very knowledgeable reporters over at ZDNet can share some of their wisdom.

Posted by asa at 4:21 PM