July 23, 2007

david tenser's visit

Last week, a longtime Firefox contributor, David Tenser visited us in Mountain View. David was responsible for creating the first solid end-user documentation for Firefox (then Phoenix) and Thunderbird, way back in 2002. Right before Firefox 1 shipped, most of Firefox Help moved to mozilla.org providing our initial user documentation.

But David was actually a lot more involved than just the help documentation work. He was one of the handful of people that was around in the very early days of the Phoenix project and provided all kinds of great testing and feedback. It was, in part, David's work in building an early Phoenix community that helped to convince me and others on staff@mozilla.org that there was real traction around this new browser, and that ultimately led to Mozilla's moving away from Seamonkey and making Phoenix the primary Mozilla application.

A lot of people remember the early Phoenix team, Blake Ross, Dave Hyatt, Pierre Chanial, Joe Hewitt, Jason Kersey, and me. But David Tenser was there too, making very real contributions.

After more than five years of collaboration online, I was finally able to meet David face to face and it was great. We got along just like old friends.

David Tenser and Mozilla

(From right to left) David, Scott MacGregor, Blake Kaplan, Jonas Sicking, Seth Spitzer, me, and Sam Sidler all went out for a drink and sandwich last Thursday night and, as is obvious from the photo, had a roaring good time.

Thanks for all your hard work over the years, David. It was great to finally be able to say that in person.

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