March 7, 2007

allpeers opens the code

The good folks over at AllPeers have opened up the code (under the same tri-license combo as Firefox).

From the first I saw of the team over at AllPeers, I thought they were going about things the right way. Rather than forking Firefox and trying to add their value the way the Flock team did, AllPeers built a very sophisticated extension that works on top of Firefox.

Today, my early evaluation seems even more justified. They are a cool team that's trying to make cool software and thinking hard about what is "the right thing" in this open source ecosystem.

I wish them all the luck in building a community around AllPeers and I can't wait to see what people can do building on top of AllPeers on top of Firefox.

update: and I have to add that they're off to a pretty good start with lots of easy to find and easy to use "getting involved" documentation. Go team AllPeers!

Posted by asa at 5:55 PM