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Personally I don't think this is nice. I don't think Firefox bundled with RealPlayer is nice. I think it can hurt Firefox's brand image to be associated with products which don't necessarily have good reputations.

yeah, but does anyone even buy wordperfect anymore?

I used to like it better than word, but they botched the first few windows versions, then sold it to novel, then corel... seemed to kill it by that process... or it is alive and with actual customers again now?

Wordperfect is alive and well enough. Download a trial. ;-) But you're right, all that instability, the first windows versions, and competing against MS loaded (without choice) on about every PC sold (like IE) makes it hard to stay afloat.

Word is not preloaded on vanilla Windows PCs. Vendors will certainly be happy to sell you the product already installed, for a couple hundred dollars. You do get WordPad, which is a barebones word processor.

Douglas Clifton: Calling WordPad a word processor is a bit too much of a compliment for it :)

Out of the box Windows is the most bare bones of all OS distributions. Of course there's not much they can do about that because everytime they bundle something else then they get shot down for being anti-competitive.

But they dug their own grave on that one, they've had such a bad reputation for trying to kill competition that everything they bundle now raises suspicion. If they improved the bundled offerings in windows with the consumer in mind, rather than crushing competition in mind then they'd not be looked at suspiciously everytime they do something.

I used to be a big fan of WP, even the windows versions. After having used word and openoffice for a few years now (~6) I decided to try out the trial version. It stunk in several ways:

- (Minor detail) The splash screen looks seriously ugly and 1998
- It has Yahoo! search all over it.
- It was unstable

To me it seems like a double edged sword.

On one side I agree with Bruce Boughton on this and would still think Firefox to be almost to new and upcoming to be bundled with this "older" technology. If I want an office packet and do not want to shell out some money I will get openoffice. No doubt. Firefox did already ship with Openoffice righ?

On the other side: the more exposure the better, I do not know were the market is for Corel. I am surely not a fan, but how is it in Asia were Firefox adaptation is not that high?

For me better news was the collaboration of Adobe with Firefox:

but maybe that is just me...

whats up with that, the go button wont even "go" on their homepage, no wonder their not getting any business. :p

man do some webmasters tick me off with their horrible html coding, not everyone has flash, not everying has or wants cookies enabled, especially javascript, and activex gah!!!! i've hit the famous blank white page too many times i guess, when will webmasters get it

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