September 6, 2006

mac os 10.5 and safari 3

I finally got 10.5 installed on a machine at the office and though I've only been exploring for a day, and while there are a couple of nice new apps (Time Machine, for example,) it doesn't make me think "I've got to get this on my primary machine" like previous testing releases from Apple.

note: apparently I'm not allowed to talk about features in 10.5 that Apple have yet to describe publicly so I've removed the paragraph that was here and it sort of blunts my overall post but I'd rather not delete it completely..

What do you all think? Are there new features in Safari I'm missing? Or are they simply going to rev the version with each new OS version they ship?

I've heard a few people saying they don't think Firefox 2 is really that big of a jump from Firefox 1.0 and might not warrant the full version number bump. While I've only been playing with the Safari 3 app for a day, it sure doesn't feel a lot more usable than Safari 2. Are they ready for the big number 3? How much do you think should change for a full version bump, (bittorrent and widgets seemed to be enough to bump Opera from 8 to 9.)

For quick reference, here's a partial list of features that Firefox 2 has that Firefox 1.0 doesn't: automatic update service with binary patching, live bookmark titles, phishing protection, tab drag and drop, search suggestions, clear privacy data, search plug-in manager, OpenSearch support, session restore and undo close tab, Safari migration and Mac OS integration, web feed preview, tab scrolling and overflow menu, external feed handling, inline spell checking, and search plugin auto-discovery. Those are just some of the user-facing improvements and don't include other huge improvements like SVG, JavaScript 1.7, client-side session and persistent storage, extension blocklisting, and lots of other web developer and extension developer features.)

Oh, and I really am interested in hearing from those of you on 10.5 about other features, apps, changes that I might find fun or useful. I'm also fully aware that Firefox 2 and Safari 3 are both still pre-release software and things will change for both before release.

Posted by asa at 8:16 PM