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Firefox has an amazing history, from the first local builds of m/b through the many name changes to mainstream acceptance with tens of millions of users -- and it's far from complete. It's been a classic underdog story with more drama, more laughs, and more thrills than any other project I've been involved with.

Many of you are playing a role in this amazing story today and who better to tell the story of Firefox than the people who are living it. There's a brand new project you'll want to join called The Fox Tales. At The Fox Tales, you'll find other great underdog stories and you'll be able to contribute the our favorite underdog story -- the tale of Firefox.

Head over to The Fox Tales and write your chapter today.


I've always rooted for the underdog, i'm glad to see firefox make its way to the top.

Spanish is not a country. Just a thought. :)

How long before THIS blog post gets spammed by anti-fox users . . . .

A, is there a page somewhere with links to all these fox-related sites? Such as foxtales, spreadfirefox, the one where people talk about switchign browsers, etc?

24 hours and 15 minutes . . . don't think that's a new record, but hey ho.

What sickens me about this blog is that it's ASA'S PERSONAL BLOG. Comments are here to comment on the topic of the blog article, yet EVERY SINGLE BLOG has numerous people like yourself derailing the blog with anti-fox comments.

No, I don't think FF is perfect, it's not the be-all and end-all. But I don't go round spamming IE's creators personal blogs saying IE is shite, do I?

Comment on the blog article or fox tales, or GTFO. You want to complain about Firefox? Good for you, do it in the Mozillazine forums where people actually give a crap.

And for the record, I'd like to see some proof that IE6 CAN handle PNG transparencies.

Hmmmmmm, FF seems to handle the logo background as transparent, what does IE display? A grey background.

Pineapple, IE6 can handle PNG alpha transparencies if you include the "AlphaImageLoader" hack in your HTML.

Then you need HTML though....:) (regarding Pineapples link that was directly to a picture.

- �� -

So IE6 needs non-valid extraneous code to do something most browsers can do out of the box?

Last OT comment from me on this. The ONLY problem I have with IE and the dev team is the pathetic lack of updates.

If tey decided ten years ago "hey lets implement alpha transparency, and release an IE6 upgrade" then I would love them. Like Firefox, Opera et al do - constantly improve their features and release new versions as soon as they're ready.

IE on the other hand decides to wait ten years, then implement SOME new features (many of which are still years out of date) and release them as a SEPARATE browser.

An updating system like Firefox has would get IE a lot more users.

Thanks for the reply, Hatter :D I apologise for going off on a rant, I just geta bit fed up with OT comments on Asa's blog.

I used to be a Spread Firefox great contributor.....but I am not now just because you guys are wayyyyyy too obsessed with the Firefox community. I am a Firefox user, but seriously, it's not that big of a deal making everybody know about Firefox. I mean.....over 50% of our country doesn't even know what the capital of Nevada is. Why do you think it is this big of a deal for Spreading Firefox? Also, shouldn't you encourage the BIG Firefox users to start programming instead of just spreading it? Wouldn't that make more sense?

Hatter, this link may be of interest to you regarding the resolution issue:

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I've just been staying at home waiting for something to happen. Whatever. Not much on my mind lately. I guess it doesn't bother me.

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