cool illusion


This is a great optical trick.


That was so good I thought it was fake...

My first thought when I moused over was "Oh yeah, very cool, they swapped it for a positive colour image..." :-)

That was so damn cool :D

Wow, that was amazing. Thanks, Asa, for the link.

Even your blog looks black and white now!

I wonder if there's a genetic component to this. Neither my son nor I can make it work.

Jesse Pelton: Just to check to make sure the site is working for you, are you getting different images when you mouseover? If so, is the first image mostly blue, with a brown sky? Are either one of you known to be colorblind? (you can always test yourself on a site like

Ah. I got the impression from the first comment that there was no image swapping going on; I couldn't figure out what role the mouse played. Hint to those who follow: you need JavaScript enabled. (The site has been updated to point this out.) Now that I have done that, I completely agree that this is cool, even if you have some understanding of how it works.

Arf JS illusion :)
onMouseOut="MM_swapImgRestore()" onMouseOver="MM_swapImage('big','','2006_stuffs/manzana2.jpg',1)"

Somehow part of my previous comment has been eat.
So after the gif URL: "Print the gif if you think it's animated :p"

Way cool I had to try this a couple of times to figure out what was happening :)

Sorry for the separate posts but...

Try look at the dot all the time. Once you study (move your eyes) to other places on the picture the color goes away. As long as you stare at the dot the image is in colour.

It's works for me, and I'm color blind.
But there's different kind of colorblindness.

Works for me except the castle. All is in color but not the castle in the center, which is instantly black and white.

That was pretty cool, but to really blow your mind, try this one out:


I was staring at this thing for hours!

Okay now, This is awesome.

Cool effects.

For a bunch of optical illusions:

And for lots of "anomalous motion illusions":

okay here's how it was done:

Open a (colored) picture place into a photo editing software > make one copy of the picture in black/white > and another copy (with color) of the picture > "invert" colors.. > the color inverted picture, goes before the b/w for the effect.

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5 hours later on the McCollough Effect and it's still a light shade of green.

On the negative/b&w, isn't there an easier way to swap the photo, such as using

@John, Yes. very possible maybe email the guy and tell them.

what the f***

Sigh, Shelly the repulican is a satire site...

Sorry for wasting hours of your life!
I've added a message about needing JavaScript on to the post.
Good catch.
You colorblind folks are SOL, sorry!

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