May 31, 2006

firefox rated top browser by pcworld -- again

PCWorld just released their top 100 products of 2006 and Firefox came in at number 12 -- the top rated browser. "The 2005 product of the year continues to improve, with a better set of features and stronger security than Microsoft's Internet Explorer." Thunderbird also ranked high on the list coming in at number 28. "Excellent junk-mail filtering and efficient address gathering make Thunderbird the best e-mail application for your electronic correspondence, regardless of price." Notable Firefox extensions, NoScript, StumbleUpon, and Greasemonkey also made the cut.

Only Apple was able to match Mozilla's command of the top 100 list with 5 products listed. Not a bad showing for the Mozilla community :-) Congratulations to everyone who made this year's top 100.

Posted by asa at 5:06 PM