4 years. wow.


This blog is four years old today. I've posted just over 2,000 times to the blog in that time. Those posts contain more than 400,000 words. That translates into just under 2,500,000 characters. No wonder my wrists hurt :-)

Maybe I should stop blogging and start cranking out a novel every year or so :-)


Or you could publish all your blogs in a book ;o)

"Firefox and more - my 4 year message to the world" by Asa Dotzler

or: "Why I moved to CA: Fx"

No no no, never stop blogging, you are one of the few blogs I tend to read regularly.

Congrats though. Good job. Keep them short and precise and good luck with your next year too...:)

- �� -

I've been reading it for about as long I guess. I've read most of your 2000 posts and even commented on a few of them as well. Pretty sad really, when you think about it :-).

"No no no, never stop blogging, you are one of the few blogs I tend to read regularly."

I second that, I think I visit this blog every day, probably more than 3 times a day.

I�m a subscriber of this Blog and Firefox isn�t always in the headlines everywhere, but it usually is here, that�s one of my reasons for visiting here. Also for the blunt and straightforward post�s that you do when necessary.

I think you should start posting more often! Spam your own weblog I say.

ok, I may no be as old-reader as any of these guys, but you are the only one who writes straight-forward posts about... about... everything? Firefox, Space, Cats (long time ago).. hmm... anyway, besides my own blog, the only I visit when I wake and before going to bed...

i wish he'd post more about his cat(s), wife, and space, and other stuff .. stuff that makes opera, and internet explorer fans mad. :P


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