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The folks over at Performancing have just released a kickass blogging extension for Firefox. If you blog, and you thought you needed some 3rd party browser just to get nice blogging tools in your browser, think again. This extension, even though it's an early version, is all you need :-)

update: Oh, I almost forgot. Need spellchecking? The latest development build of SpellBound integrates seamlessly with this blogging tool.


Hah, a direct jab at Flock! IMPRESSIVE.

Not hosted on I hate to whitelist other sites, and this one doesn't even provide a direct link to the XPI (JavaScript is disabled with NoScript).

I'll wait.

> Not hosted on I hate to whitelist other sites, and this one doesn't even provide a direct link to the XPI (JavaScript is disabled with NoScript).

Want cries with that?

I've added a download link, but you can also get it directly from here as well:

Heh. I thought Firefox and Flock were best friends?


any screenshots available for this one?

This just in: Mozilla really isn't interested in promoting choice on the web!

C'mon Asa, that's a cheap shot.

We're all part of the same family here and I'm still a firm Firefox advocate and promote you guys as much as I promote Flock. Don't you think that there might be some sense in actually pushing each other's mutual causes and working together to fight the 800-lb gorilla rather than tearing at each?

I mean, hey man, can't we all just get along? Or is there only room for 6 Mozilla-derivitive browsers and not 7... or however many there are these days? :P

Chris, I don't think it's a cheap shot. There are a lot of people who have been asking for a tool like this for Firefox. I, for one, wanted this and had been begging people for about two years to port mozblog to Firefox (that's what this extension appears to be.)

I don't think there's anything wrong with derivative browsers, but for those people that love Firefox and want to customize their browser with a blogging extension (but aren't all foamy at the mouth about the web two oh revolution, and aren't interested in riding the tip of pre-alpha software) I think this extension makes a lot of sense.

- A

Ok, well, terrific then. I'm down with Performancing -- totally cool. And Flock isn't going to be for everyone, I've got no illusions about that. Your characterization just sounded a bit condescending, that's all.

And yeah, I'm all about putting down rapid Web Two Dot Oh dawgs. Time to get over the hangover and use these building block tools to solve real people's real world problems... time to move away from the circle-jerk uber-1337 h4ckz0r blogwank bubble two dot oh buzz, back to reality and just making stuff that makes sense and works.

And yes, I see Firefox and Flock fitting that mandate.

...And excited to see what you and Ian have up your sleeves for SFX. Any ETA on rolling out new stuff on the front end?

meh, the internet is for n00bs.

Have you checked out Deepest Sender lately? The creator recently added Blogger and Wordpress posting support in addition to the original Livejournal posting support. It integrates rather nicely with both Spellbound and Foxytunes (for LJ "now playing"). I can't really compare the interface with Performancing, given that I couldn't find a link for screenshots. I use Deepest Sender with both Livejournal and Blogspot, and it's spectacular!

Sorry if I'm slow or can't read properly but I can't find development builds for Spellbound. Any help with a link for this mad cow afflicted brain?

Now all we need is a plugin to release the memory sucked up by, and we can browse in Firefox (or Flock) without having to close down every day....

@ Chris...And excited to see what you and Ian have up your sleeves for SFX. Any ETA on rolling out new stuff on the front end?

Plenty up our sleeves :) No fixed ETA just working forward on daily/weekly basis with some kick ass collaboration/localisation tools, roll out is going to be on a gradual basis in the new year.

The Performancing tool Firefox blogging extension is pretty cool you should try it ;) It's a small world after all... check the credits...quote..."Special thanks goes to �Anthony Young from Flock� for writing the Atom API implementation�"

- Ian

Hey Ian -- cool cool. We should definitely sync up, I think all our work will be mutually beneficial, not to mention good for open source collaboration in general.

And yeah, that's pretty decent that they used Anthony's code. Open source is dah shiznizzle.

Well I downloaded the extension, and although the functionality is good, the design of the interface is not very polished. I think there's a lot of ground for improvement there. And I wish you could be more happy about the Flock browser, instead of being annoyed by it. Flock has this fucntion integrated, which is good for people who don't know/want to install extensions.

Frank, both this extension and Firefox 1.5 are shipping products. Flock is a pre-alpha product.

"Flock is currently available only as a developer preview. This means that you can try it out but that it's not quite ready to become your everyday browser."

If I can't use it as my everyday browser, then I can't use it. I expect that holds true for most of the tens of millions of Firefox users.

- A

Asa, I know you have a varied audience, and your warning is valid, I do seem to recall you being involved in developing software before it was everyone everyday quality ;-)

I am out of the bay area until New Year's. When you get a chance please do respond to my last email. I look forward to taking you up on your generous offer to connect.

Keep up the amazing work!

All the best to you,
Lloyd D Budd
Flock QA (Qommunity and quality Assurance)

FYI: Performancing released an update that fixes several bugs and ads some new blog support.

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