December 14, 2005

firefox feed icon gets promiscuous

Today, the Firefox feed icon got promiscuous ;-)

A while back, a Microsoft team was discussing at their blog what kind of visual indicator makes the most sense for representing feeds in the browser. Apparently, some of the RSS folks criticized them for not using that horrible little "RSS" orange rectangle icon.

I think this is a fine solution and helps further a major Firefox goal: to reduce the confusion and complexity of today's web so that Regular People can get more out it without having to become geeks like us :-)

Something as small as a name or icon choice can make a big difference in how approachable a new feature is. I'm encouraged that we're further distancing browsers from the awful "RSS" as a feature name and icon identifyer. We don't call web pages "HTML+CSS+JavaScript Pages" and we don't identify them in the browser using little icons containing "HTML" and "CSS" acronyms; We shouldn't do it for feeds either.

Posted by asa at 4:03 PM