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If you haven't seen it already, you must check out this great video.

I'm really surprised at the awareness and I'm overall very impressed with the video. Do check it out!

This is the kind of project that I'd love to see a lot more of. We should have one of these from every college or university in the world. If you've done a video like this or plan to, please let me know.


Wow, Firefox must not be just for nerds. That girl is cute.

Seriously, Asa, that's great that Firefox has such mainstream appeal. That's the kind of thing Blake always talked about... whether his mom could use it. (Speaking of Blake, did he die, or just his blog?)

Excellent! I'm just wondering where this was done. Seems like a place with a lot of younger people, maybe on some uni campus? Generally I'd think open source software is more popular among academics. Just wondering how the result would turn out somewhere else... somewhere less biased. I'd like to see this interview right in the middle of Times Square or somewhere like that, with a wider spectrum of society.

Wow, the guy said NYU ban IE. That's great move for security. If any institutions have security in mind, they should do the same approach.

nyu didn't ban ie. they blocked it from accessing the webmail. that's a security move to keep spyware from infecting the email system. people at nyu can still use it for other stuff.

Who's the girl doing the interviews? What's her number? :-)

that proves looks ARE everything.

Asa, I'd like to see you do your own "What browser do you use?" video interview like this--except at the Mozilla Foundation office!

Hmmmm....Maybe I should try this at my school

That was interesting, albeit to be expected around a campus, I'm sure until it hits a critical mass, the older gen won't "get into it", which I think is fine for now in order to make sure that some things are tiddied up as the movement grows. For instance, extensions not keeping up with releases; it would be nice come ext download time if the site checked what version we were using and only supply ext's that are compatible with it. Amazing nobody mentioned the incredible adapability that FF offers over IE, with no ads thrown in my face on every screen on top of that.

It's obviously cherry-picked, but I still watched it with a look of joy.

- Chris

It's like with Apple. "Normal" people don't know why it's better, but they like (or love) to use it. On the other hand: people just use Microsoft programs because they are there, they don't like them and don't feel excited about them.

I guess that's the difference between good (enough) and great software.

Great video. Interesting to hear people's opinions. I wouldn't be surprised, though, if some of the quick replies was about the brand name, not the actual browser. :) Oh, and they should drop that silly music.

Can someone tell me the joke that one guy made where she had to laugh so heavily? I just can't understand it because it's so quiet and my school English isn't good enough :(

The common theme for IE users appears to be "that is what I'm used to" or "I just haven't tried Firefox". This might imply that if a person tries Firefox, then they tend to continue using it. How then can we get more people to try Firefox?

Why have baroque background music - sounds suspiciously like 'Greensleeves' : ]

or Handel's "Water Music"

Oi! I love the music!

- Chris

Why are Amazon your "friends" (see They are evil and against everything open source and free software stands for.

1) They patent rediculous things like one-click shopping
2) They impose draconian page-view restrictions when you try to read the introductions or first couple of chapters of a book online
3) They track your personal history really closely (which is a bit scary in itself) but then they actually use it to offer higher prices to those more likely to pay!

People were worried that would sell out, and this proves that they were right to worry. There are hundreds of companies out there selling webcams - I'm sure you could have found a non-evil one. You could have made some mom-and-pop store really happy, but no, all this for a few affiliate bucks... I say boy cott as WELL as amazon. This sucks :-(

And have you seen the EULA you have to agree to to submit a testimonial video like the cool one Asa linked to?

It's really long and full of scary evil-sounding legalese. Did you have to agree to one of these every time you used to give out a t-shirt Asa?

Just more evidence that is corrupting the core of

The setup may have been wrong in the sense, that it's shot at a university or something (somewhere enlightened *S*)-- perhaps next time, Amanda should try a shopping mall... Those answers would perhaps be more consistent with the general population --

However, notice how the faces of (some of) the people shine with enthusiasm when talking about Firefox! An image says more than a thousand words and in this case, it's priceless!

The Music is Jeremiah Clarke's "The Prince of Denmark March" ... This piece of music was used during 2nd World War as a signal to the Danes when the BBC sent news from London concerning Denmark...

/S�ren Munk Skr�der - danish Firefox translator

I'm so glad that one guy mentioned something about Firefox's name. People don't ever seem to know what it is when they see the icon or the name. They can't tell what it's used for and don't think to click on it.

qwerty, is donating about $1000 worth of prizes to this campaign. Are you offering to donate $1000 worth of prizes and take their place as a sponsor :-) And yes, we are required by law to have participants agree to those terms (btw, it's not a "EULA"). If you don't like the terms, then you can't participate in our contest. That's just the law.

- A

I think it's Washington Square in Manhatten in the center of NYU. But I might be wrong, since it's been I while since I've been there.

Great Video. Wished more people answered "better usability" or "great extension" or "less ads" tho. OTOH in the light of the recent IE holes the timing of 1.5 seems pretty good :)

>And yes, we are required by law to have participants agree to
>those terms (btw, it's not a "EULA").

Sure sounds like it, full of legalese

I'll concede the legalese stuff, though its sad that you need it. I certainly won't be applying.

But the serious point: why isn't Amazon listed as a sponsor then? makes it sound like they are just a "buddy". This is underhanded and shady.

And to answer your question, a year ago I gladly contributed to the NYT ad (as did thousands of others), but I won't again because of stupid PHB-esque stunts like this.

querty, clearly you didn't look close enough. is listed as a sponsor.

- A

I think he is referring to the text inside the green "Firefox Flicks Testimonials" area. It says "Our friends at have a wide selection fo under $100."

By the way there is a typo (fo - for) there.

Even more skewed possibly if behind the camera man was say... they front door to the engineering and computer science building (of implied university).

None the less, great video. I'm going to regularly check out rocketboom if for no other reason than the host (the girl from the interview) is wearing a Homestar Runner shirt in one video.

Great video. I'm amazed! Thanks!

Go to and somebody submitted that video, and the webmaster of added his own, uh, colorful commentary to it.

Wow! Impressive! I wish I studied in such a place. Great music!

Man, they only like the tabs. The tabs are gonna be on IE7 anyway.

I would point out the security, themes and plugins you can get with Firefox.

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