November 4, 2005

google referral program for firefox

reposted from my sfx post:

Spread Firefox welcomes a new teammate in helping to us spread the word about Firefox -- Google. This morning Google announced a new feature for their Adsense program called AdSense Referrals.

This feature gives AdSense publishers the opportunity to recommend a product they believe would be useful to their site visitors while earning additional revenue at the same time. Publishers get paid for referring new AdSense customers but more importantly (to us,) it allows AdSense publishers to earn revenue by recommending Firefox to their visitors.

Google will be providing a set of buttons for AdSense Referral publishers encouraging viewers to download "Firefox with the Google Toolbar." AdSense Referrals will pay up to $1 per conversion -- a conversion occurs when someone successfully installs Firefox with the Google Toolbar.

We're very excited about this program and hope to see more similar programs available to web publishers in the future. (If you're interested in launching a similar program, please contact

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