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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - Nov. 3, 2005 -- Mozilla Corporation today announced the Extend Firefox Contest to encourage development of extensions to the award-winning Firefox Web browser. Extensions are small add-ons that add new functionality to Firefox. They can be anything from a toolbar button to a completely new feature. The contest is expected to generate hundreds of new extensions for Firefox, allowing people to further personalize their Web browsing experience and to make surfing the Web even more fun and convenient.

Developers can tap into the Mozilla Developer Center (MDC), which will be hosting the contest, to find resources and pointers to help create extensions for Firefox. The contest also coincides with the launch of Firefox 1.5 � expected later this year � and developers are encouraged to take advantage of Firefox 1.5's new features.

"We're eager to see what our developer community has in store for Firefox users with this call for the next wave of extensions," said Christopher Beard, head of products and marketing at Mozilla Corp. "We, and most importantly, our users, have been very pleased with the extensions that have been developed over the last year � the breadth and depth of the Firefox Extensions currently available is a testament to the strength of Firefox as a platform for innovation."

Mozilla, with the support of Alienware and O'Reilly & Associates, has a great set of prizes in store for the contest winners. Alienware has stepped up to supply the Grand Prize, their award-winning, high-end desktop systems that will be customized with Firefox graphics. To determine the winners, Mozilla has confirmed an impressive list of industry notables to judge the contest when it concludes on Jan. 6, 2006.

Contest Judges:

  • Aaron Boodman, software engineer and creator of GreaseMonkey, Google
  • Amber Macarthur, co-host and co-producer, Call for Help on G4TechTV
  • Brendan Eich, CTO, Mozilla Corporation
  • Chris Shipley, executive producer, Demo Conference
  • Jeremy Zawodny, technical lead, Yahoo!
  • Omar Wasow, executive director, BlackPlanet.com
  • Robert O'Callahan, software engineer and long-time Mozilla contributor, Novell

Categories and Prizes:

Grand Prizes: Three winners each receive an Alienware Aurora 7500 Firefox Edition PC and a Firefox 1.5 Prize Pack which includes a T-shirt, cap, and laptop bag.

  • Overall Best Extension (New/Upgraded)
  • Overall Best Use of the New Firefox 1.5 Features (i.e. Canvas support)

Best in Class: Eight total winners each receive an Apple iPod Nano, O'Reilly books, and a Firefox 1.5 Prize Pack which includes a T-shirt, cap, and laptop bag.

  • Most Innovative (New/Upgraded)
  • Most Useful (New/Upgraded)
  • Best User Experience (New/Upgraded)
  • Best Integration with a Web Service (New/Upgraded)

For complete details on the Extend Firefox contest and official rules, see http://www.extendfirefox.com


Is there a reason why only people from us, canada (excluding Quebec) or the european union can participate at this contest ?

Man, you need to get with the times, give away an iBook ;)

OK just (semi-) kidding. Looking forward to the submissions.

Christopher Beard said "the breadth and depth of the Firefox Extensions currently available is a testament to the strength of Firefox as a platform for innovation". I think he's right - and actually I don't quite understand why wthere is a need for this competition. I'd love to see a theme competition, though. There aren't many good themes for Firefox IMO.
Still, the extension competition will probably be fun and I'm sure we'll have quite a few new good extensions thanks to it. Good luck to all the extension developers.

I'd be interested to hear the reasoning behind limiting the competition to parts of two continents.

one the one hand it's nice to see firefox and moco having this much success. on the other hand i cringe at the wording of the press release. sentences like "the breadth and depth of the Firefox Extensions currently available is a testament to the strength of Firefox as a platform for innovation." make me wanna grab my bullshit bingo tablet ... i meand "platform for innovation"? you actually pay someone to come up with this c...?

other than that it's a really neat idea and i'm looking forward to what great new ideas the extension programmers are going to come up with.

This is a fantastic idea to get the already booming extension community involved in new, creative ideas, utilising Firefox 1.5's new features.

I must echo Luffield's comments though, a theme competition would be great and would bring many more themes to Firefox. However, I think this is best held off until bsmedberg, mconnor, vlad etc have finished revamping the theming system in Gecko 1.9, since it'll mean that creating themes will become substantially easier.

I don't suppose we're supposed to nominate candidates but I vote for Tab Preview which uses the new Canvas api: http://ted.mielczarek.org/code/mozilla/tabpreview/

Could be slicked up little but it's a great idea! You can even set your preferred size of preview etc.

here's an idea i've been wanting this ever since using firebird-- TAB GROUPING! comeon anyone who gets this baby going you've diffenetly got my vote!

For those of you wondering why this contest isn't open to the entire world, well, it has to do with the laws of your country. We've validated our rules against US law, Canada (minus Quebec), and the EU. We're working to validate our rules against even more countries, but that takes time and some are just impossible.

- A

Tab Grouping sounds interesting. Something I always thought would be great if developed, is the ability to be able to collapse/hide the tab bar temporaily. Of course this can be done for most other toolbars via view. But it could be done as an auto hide feature for space saving, or like the Mozilla suite with collapse buttons. It would have the capability of hiding/collapsing other toolbars too in the same/similar way.

I'd like to see an extension that will backup my entire profile (settings, toolbar customizations, bookmarks, extensions, plugins) and allow me to save it locally, or upload it to an ftp, and then restore it on any firefox installation..

About restricting to countries, if it's a legal thing, won't it be a lot simpler to just use a usual "void where prohibited" term (preferably with an explanation likethe one you provide here) to cover exceptions rather than specifically limiting yourself to specific countries. And if it is the shipping issue for the prizes, I am sure most people will be happy with an equivalent (local/cash) prize. I mean in all three postings I have seen of this announcement in different sites today, a significant proportion of the comments have degenerated to snide remarks about the country restrictions.

Will there be a Thunderbird extension contest.

Asa, it isn't possible to enter non-US phone numbers due to server-side validation.

dimitrisp asks for a backup tool: http://mozbackup.jasnapaka.com/ does most of that, you just need to do the ftp by hand.

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