channel changer extension


Want to ride the nightly build update train rather than beta or final releases? Well, now it's as easy as installing an extension. Nice work!


This is OT, but appears important: Slashdot carries an article about a Firefox DoS Exploit.

Wow, too cool :) This is exactly what I've been looking for since Beta 2!

Does a similar extension also exist for Thunderbird?

Fantastic! I have finally gotten Thunderbird updated! Thanks for letting us know about it, Asa.

"Whitedust Security are reporting on a new exploit for Firefox which apparently affects all versions of the browser from 1.0.7 down. From the article: "If this exploit has made it out into, or indeed been retrieved from the wild is unknown at this time. However it is clear that this exploit will indeed need patching as soon as possible."

darn, were running out of numbers here! 1.0.8 , 1.0.9 , 1.0.???


Someone found a crash bug. Oh no! The sky is falling.

- A

Asa didn't get much sleep last night I presume.

back on the topic..


the extension is cool

Lawrence, you should find all is still well when you update. Sometimes when updating firefox thinks it is updating to 1.0+ by accident when this is really not the case. The extension works up to 1.6a1 so should work all the time.

My apologies that my website is down right now, the site housing the server was broken into on the weekend and all processors and memory nabbed. Right now Im trying to cobble together bit to get my server back up and running again.


Does switching to the nightly channel update to the branch or trunk?

@David: I'd assume that if your using the brach it will update to the branch and if your using the trunk it will update to the trunk. All I know is that I'm using branch nightlies with it.

On a side note, I used to be able to update to the most recent nightlies without this extension, but that stopped working a couple days ago even though about:config had set to "nightly", so this extension came just in time :)

This channel changer extension does indeed rock.

More to the point, the (largely) unheralded backend work to facilitate the development of such an extension rocks even more!

As a critic of some moves, I should be balanced and congratulate Ben Goodger on getting this infrastructure right. I think it was Ben's changes to the update mechanisms (well at least the UI) that allowed this sort of extension to exist? Apologies if I'm wrong.

Regardless, after finally biting the bullet and setting up two separate sets of browser/profile I can now easily test nightlies :).

However we are still missing one significant point, if I'm not mistaken, and that is uninstall. It's all very well to bring a horse to water and get them to drink it, but when the water is toxic, how can it be spat out?

The nightlies are still on the beta channel? They shouldn't be. :\ That's the idea of nightlies -- there's a new one daily.

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