six feet under


The final episode of Six Feet Under was very well done.


Oh, It's already finished? I've only watched the first season. :-P

Yeah me 2 I should get the dvd's but they are so expensive, to bad the new episodes aren't yet on Belgium television ..

I'm surprised about the fact that everybody seems to mention this in their blogs, but nobody spoils it for people who haven't seen it yet. Which is great, because my episode is still downloading ;)

Only 3 seasons have been aired yet here in France. (You probably could have seen them in belgium, Jonas). I can't stand for the other ones ! I love this show.

"I can't stand *waiting* for the other ones"
Sorry ;)

The UK has only just started showing Season 5 - in fact, Episode 2 is on E4 tonight at 10.00pm. With it only being a couple of months behind in the UK, this is just
about the only US show I'm not downloading at the moment :-)

I think the final season, which just concluded in the US, was the most painful one from an emotional point of view. Excellent ending.

I've been a fan of the show since season 2, and I just finished watching the final episode. All I can say is... holy crap. That was among the best hours of television i've ever seen.

I have loved this show from the very beginning and will feel the loss of it when Sunday night comes around and no more Fishers. The final sequence of Clair driving to her new beginning will always be with me. A sensitive ending to a show which broke all barriers.

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