yahoo desktop search supports thunderbird


Another win for Mozilla applications, and millions of users, Yahoo!'s desktop search now supports Thunderbird. Thanks very much to Duke Fan and all of the great folks over at Yahoo's desktop search team. Also thanks to Jeremy for bitching about this shortcoming in the earlier release ;-)


Cool, Hopefully they will make support for every other application.

I just updated my YD. It may now support TB, but when I had to rescan my entire HD again, it REALLY sent the CPU into the hot zone. (tempature) I have a P4 2.8 that normally runs between 29-34 C. When I rescaned the drive, I was in teh 60C range. THis was not the case with previous beta rleases.

In due launch[dot]com will supprot firefox. yay

I have yet to install it. Honestly Asa, I think that Thunderbird is just like OutLook.

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