July 31, 2005

Linux not ready for the desktop part 5: wrapping up

Three weeks ago I posted a short article titled Linux Not Ready for the Desktop where I called Linux "a very capable product with a very limited audience" and I suggested that there were four areas Linux needed to improve in order to attract "Regular People" in significant numbers: migration, stability, simplicity, and comfort.

The article generated quite a bit of feedback, both here at this blog and over at slashdot -- where it got noticed by Nat Torkington, Program Chair for this year's OSCON who asked me if I'd be interested in updating the article based on all of the comments and giving it as a keynote. I accepted and will be presenting Linux - In Search of the Desktop on Friday, August 5th, at 8:45 AM.

Rather than updating the original article with replies to all of the criticism I'd received, I decided to do a quick reply to the top few most common complaints and then start a mini-series of posts to dig further into each of the four points, migration, stability, simplicity, and comfort.

If you're at OSCON, and you'd like to see me wrap this all up into a 20 minute keynote, do stop in on Friday morning. If you can't make that but you're interested in chatting, I'll be at the Convention Center all week long.

Having finished that series of articles, and again read through the 1500+ replies, I think there are just two pieces I'd like to spend a bit more time on. I'll be following up with a couple of blog posts covering those two areas. Expect the first one tomorrow: a response to the "Linux doesn't need more (Windows) users" feedback that I received so much of. If I can find time on Tuesday or Wednesday, I hope to post on the second area, what I love about Linux.

Thanks again to everyone that read this series and especially those of you who gave feedback. It's been fun.

Posted by asa at 8:56 PM