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I just read over at the Googlebar mailing list archive that Google will shortly be releasing an official Google Toolbar for Firefox. Nice.

How many of you all use toolbars? I get by with Firefox's built in search field and our advanced find in page feature but I know a lot of people, especially IE converts, got used to the Google Toolbar features and will appreciate this.

Anything that helps to ease the transition from IE to Firefox is a good thing in my book.



That is all =)

What's Linux 8.0+ ??

Personally I have the StumbleUpon toolbar and the Web Developer Toolbar (the latter of which is placed on the same line as the File/Edit/etc. menus so as not to take up space). I also have PrefButtons, which adds stuff on to existing toolbars.

I also have the default Bookmarks toolbar (which I need to clean out...) and the Navigation toolbar (obviously ;-). Other than that, stuff's just an icon, menu entry, or something small like that.

Currently I use the Googlebar extension because I like all the extra functionality it makes readily available. Mainly, I like being able to quickly search all the differenty types of Google (groups, news, etc.). I also use the up directory feature to navigate up a site's directory tree (I know this is availble in other extensions, but since it comes with Googlebar, I use it there).

If Google makes their version as good as Googlebar, I'll probably switch because I'd prefer to use a manufacturer's own software as long as it doesn't suck.

I turned off everything so that I have more free space for browsing, even I installed auto hide extension so that I can work completely full screen. But of toolbars those that have a shortcut are good to use. I like: Google's, Yahoo's, Web Developer, and Bookmarks toolbar. And it is bad that I cannot move/resize the toolbars like IE.
Btw, as the number of extensions are increasing I see more chances of conflicts in their shortcuts. Is there any plan for having some shortcuts settings dialog as a part of Firefox itself?

I use quicksearch bookmarks to search for stuff.

g hello
img hello
dict hello

I can't stand toolbars. In fact I really dislike the number of buttons and things in Firefox by default, so I've turned off the Google box (and changed the keyword.URL to do a normal Google search instead of an I'm Feeling Lucky search -- a change I think ought to be the default), made the buttons small with no text, installed the Stop-or-Reload Button extension to collapse those two into one, and moved all my buttons and menus onto a single line. Just as functional as the default install but way more space for browsing :)

I dunno, I have yet to see a toolbar do something that couldn't be better handled by something like the FYAT bar that only appears when needed. Less is more, in my book: the most minimalistic possible interface is the easiest to use.

Now, as for "converts from IE", obviously the lowset barrier to entry is something that looks EXACTLY like IE. However, we don't achieve that right now. My family members were totally confused over where their "Favorites" went. I had to point out the "Bookmarks" menu. Perhaps some kind of run-once help wizard that points out a couple things about Firefox for IE users? Yes, I know about Help->For Internet Explorer Users, but most clueless users I've helped don't look in the Help menu :(.

Like dolphinling, I added no extra toolbars except Web Developer extension. I even hide the bookmark toolbar since it is rather useless… :-)

I use the googlebar extension and StumbleUpon. The thing I like about the googlebar extension is that it has a toggle switch so you can quickly turn it on and off. I wish StumbleUpon would get the same feature.

Ah Googlebars! I could eat them all day!


I use 15 toolbars, sometimes 20 depending on what I'm doing at the time.

My browsing window is a mere 100 pixels high but that's ok, as long as I can get to anything in the click of a toolbar button!

Seriously, what is the point of the hundreds of toolbars out there when screen space is limited? Who uses more than one toolbar? If so have you got enough? Would you like more toolbars if they didn't take up your screen space?

How many toolbars inter-operate with the default toolbar drag/drap customise functionality, thereby allowing for interchanging of the most effective widgets from a variety of toolbars?

I think the time is nigh for a new approach to browser widgets. Tabbed browsing is one thing, but how to build a mechanism providing the power/convenience of many toolbars without using truckloads of screen space? Now there is a challenge.

PS. Isn't it somewhat hilarious in a very schadenfraude kind of way that Google is supposedly a big supporter of Firefox and they still do not have an official toolbar eight months after Fx uptake exploded?

I only have 2 toolbars active, the Navigation Toolbar and Bookmarks Toolbar. I added Customizable Toolbar Button (CTB) extension to the Bookmarks Toolbar and add a button to toggle Wikipedia Toolbar and Navigation Toolbar. (screenshot 1 and 2)

Web Developer Toolbar? I moved WebDev context menu to menubar so I don't need the toolbar. (screenshot 3)

I don't want to use many toolbars cause I don't want IE user take a screenshot of Firefox with many toolbars and say "Friends don't let friends use Firefox." ;p

This kind of makes me sad, since I'm the developer of the Googlebar Lite extension for Firefox. But I guess this is the price of progress. :-/

only toolbar I use is the excellent web developer toolbar. but i only have it visible when I use it. screen real estate is valuable. screenshort here.

I used the google toolbar quite a lot because it has a number of nice features. But these days I surf without it. That does not mean the search box is perfect, it is just adequate.

There are a number of usability problems with the searchbox in firefox that a toolbar could solve:
1) there is no search button (there is a go button so why no search button) and there are usecases where a button you can click with a mouse is faster than moving your right hand from your mouse to the enter key.
2) you have to select the right search engine from the dropdown before you can search with it. I'd love to have a bunch of search buttons for my favorite searchengines. I regularly use the imdb search engine. The box defaults to google so I have to select imdb and then search. Later when I want to do a google search I need to do the reverse (this goes wrong a lot and I end up on

Unfortunately, googlebar is not a solution for #2 and having two search boxes is a bit overkill IMHO.

I'd use a toolbar if it would have server-based D&D bookmark functionality. Otherwise, another toolbar just adds clutter to my browser. My $.02.

I wouldn't use it, I think.

Why? I have Google as my start page, so a middle click on the Home icon opens a tab with it. After that, you have access to pretty much. And if you donn't want to bother, you're free to search for Google stuff in the already existing search bar.

It's far more useful in IE with neither tabs nor search bars...

Jug, You know I use Google Bar mostly for easy access to page cache or translation and stuff like these, not for search. A ctrl+F8 will show it and hide it so it will not occupy any space. Any way, an auto hide option or a shortcut to show/hide all the toolbars will be perfect.

I use the googlebar extension for netscape 7 only, for the lack of a search bar, but No toolbars for me in Firefox, the search thats built in is perfectly fine. Their making progress, but I wouldn't use the official since it's spyware.. read the eula.

I use just the regular navigation bar and the bookmarks bar. I have my bookmarks toolbar set up with folders so that the sites I visit often are basically in their own set of menus.

When working on a website I add the web developer toolbar.

I experimented with the Google toolbar on IE a few months ago, but the only thing I found that I actually *used* was the PageRank indicator.

Like many, just the web dev toolbar, with the sage button on the far left, plus I have forecast fox next to it in the center, and a 'new tab' button on the far right.

I use web developer toolbar, but display it only when I need it during my web development work. As my habit too many toolbars at the top of an app is not fun.

Actually I would like to know if there's any extensions exist that allows "stackable" toolbars, just like IE do - so that I can quickly flip between toolbars without explicitly enable/disable them. Or, back to the days of Mozilla Suite, where toolbars can be folded by a button at the edge.

BTW, Sage is here too, but only for feeds that live bookmarks can't read at all (well, there are people who still don't know about UTF-8 in this world)

Simplex: My guess is that they are referring to the 8.0 versions of Mandrake, SUSE, and RedHat. Those three major distros all bumped their revisions quickly so the marketers could claim to have "8.0, the highest version" or whatever. The all hit (and moved on from) 8.0 at about the same time. I'm not sure what if any features were in the 8.0 that were missing from the 7.x versions.

They probably could have left the version number off of the "Linux" requirement, but their CM person would freak out if they didn't have some level of specification.

I use google's IE toolbar occasionaly (hidden most of the time) to see a website's pagerank. Would be good to have it in Firefox too. (It would still remain hidden 99.9% of the time)

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