great work, dave


Dave Hyatt (co-creator of Firefox and now Apple Safari hacker) has patched up Safari's CSS support so that it now passes the CSS Acid2 Test. Good work!


I've been following Dave's work and it looks like he's done a great job fixing their errors. Do you happen to know if anyone is working to gecko to render the test properly?

I have to ask: this does improve general CSS support (or proper handling for unknown properties/values which may appear in future versions), right? It's not just tweaking so it barely passes one particular test?


the test exposes common css bugs, most of which are already in bugzilla:

fixing these bugs should improve general css support.

Will Firefox 1.1 pass Acid2?

It's unfortunate KTML may never pass. I wonder what Hyatt's response to this will be...

Congrats! Certainly an impressive feat, considering the work they must've put into it. Also, thanks for Opera to give incentitive for browser developers to follow standards better. Apparently it worked. :-) Let's hope Opera themselves and Firefox follows in Safari's steps now.

"Let's hope Opera themselves and Firefox follows in Safari's steps now."

Yes, hope... I'm praying that Gecko is fixed damn quickly, 'cause I haven't seen a patch that addresses ALL these problems. Amazing how Dave Hyatt beat thousands of developers...let's hope we get there before Opera does.

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