firefox 1.0.3 and mozilla 1.7.7


Updates to Firefox and Mozilla Suite are now available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Download the latest Firefox here and the latest Mozilla Suite here. For more information, see the Firefox release notes and Mozilla Suite release notes.


Mozilla 1.0.7 ? 1.7.7 :-)

Mozilla Suite release notes
The link in Asa's post goes to 1.7, not 1.7.7.

Heh. Maybe it's a release on the uber-stable branch?

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.7.7) Gecko/20050414 Firefox/1.0.3

Is that the correct user agent? I think mine didn't update correctly (unless this is the 4/14 build as the official 1.0.3)

is this version an update from the latest 1.0.3 testing candidate that was posted on here the other day?...or is it the same thing?

Just some notes on upgrading, after installation finished when I clicked the Firefox icon the whole machine went into an unstable mode (windows, you know ;) ) so I rebooted the machine then the new Firefox was still showing that there's a new critical update to install when it was showing an empty list and a button to install so I pressed the download key but I don't why I decided to cancel that and close the Firefox. Next time again it was showing the there's a new update so I pressed the update icon again this time it says that there's no new update and the critical update icon disappeard. Now it is working quite good, I'm happy with it. Hoping to see FF1.1 (with Gecko1.8) soon. thanks

I'm having problems with Firefox 1.0.3. On start up of the browser, there is an intermittent problem that occurs in which the browser window load up blank instead of loading the home page. None of the buttons seem to work when this happens except for the close and minimize buttons. This problem has occurred using two different computers with Windows XP SP2 installed. I didn't have this problem with 1.0.2.

Bobby: What extensions are you using?

Linky 2.5.0, which is compatible with Firefox 1.0.3, has been released!

I am waiting for DictionarySearch update :-)

1. The "All Systems" section of the release notes for Firefox has these two bullets:
# Prior to installing Firefox 1.0.3, please ensure that the directory you've chosen to install into is clean and doesn't contain any previous Firefox installations.
# When upgrading, all your Extensions and Themes will be disabled. This is not an issue, but it may appear to be one (hence its listing here). For rationale, see "Extension and Themes" above.
Well, (1) since version 1.0 I was installing over the same directory (Windows) all the time, and it never was a problem, and (2) My extensions were never disabled when upgrading. In fact, this bullet is inconsistent with the "Extensions and Themes" section above.

2. Will you apply the same "Add/Remove Programs" fix to Thunderbird?

3. Off-topic: Bugzilla should have a static (pre-generated html) version of each bug, without any input fields, that will be used when external websites (including ./, but not only) want to link to a bug. When such sites link to a bug, usually people just want to see the description of the bug (as opposed to editing it and adding comments), and some of its history. It will help with server load, I believe.


I have the same Problems when starting 1.0.3 every second time (round about - works, works not, works, works,... not...) :/
Before that, I wanted to uninstall the 1.0.2 (no mixing with zip builds or such things - it was the first installer i used to give it a try - clean install) abd got errors, so it could not be unistalled: "Can not find Unistall log in Forgot-the-correct-path-and-did-not-took-a-screenshot/Firefox (en-US)/.. Log: 0" (Or something like that, sorry). I uninstalled it manually, cleaned the registry and so on, and installed the 1.0.3.. now that stuff... i'll try to set up a new profile from the ground, and just copy my bookmarks :/ Not so nice... i loved the zip-builds (yeah I know, i could use the corresponding testing-nightly-whatever). When will the Update-Routine in Firefox will work? As i ran it in 1.0.2 before removal it could not find anything?!?

But, apart fron this things, keep up the good work, thank you!

Greets fron Germany


The release notes say:

> Here's what's new in Firefox 1.0.3:
> * Several security fixes.
> * Fix to improve update process.

Can anyone tell me about that improvement of the update process? I didn't have any problems updating, but obviously there's room for improvement, and I'm curious how exactly this fix will change future updates.

* Javascript "lambda" replace exposes memory contents
* javascript: PLUGINSPAGE code execution
* Showing blocked javascript: popup uses wrong privilege context
* Cross-site scripting through global scope pollution
* Code execution through javascript: favicons
* Search plugin cross-site scripting
* Arbitrary code execution from Firefox sidebar panel II
* Missing Install object instance checks
* Privilege escalation via DOM property overrides

These are the fixes

I checked the release notes and couldn't tell whether the "Popups Must Die" functionality got included into the new bits. Anyone have a clue?


Mine goes up to 1.0.4!
firefox-1.0.4.en-US.mac.dmg 16-Apr-2005 09:48 8.3M

Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; PPC Mac OS X Mach-O; en-US; rv:1.7.8) Gecko/20050416 Firefox/1.0.4

Copy (command-C) and paste (command-V) between Firefox windows or tabs is still broken for me (OSX 10.3.9, G3 Powerbook). Select-drag-and-drop does work.

I've had two crashes in just a few hours of using 1.0.3. Both may have been connected to my banking site (url). I've been unable to reproduce the crashes, but have not seen a single crash with earlier versions of Firefox (post 1.0, at least).

Anyone else experiencing such issues?

(and anyone know when a new version DictionarySearch will be available? I use it *constantly*.)

Ah, nice little bug in comments system - it prepends "http://" (even) when you give it an URL with "https://".

The banking site linked to above is:

Why dont u just use dictionary search.

Neil T,

My plugins are:
Forecast Fox 0.7.1

When will localised builds be available?

Jmankers wrote:

> Why dont u just use dictionary search.

WTF does that mean?

If your suggestion is that I open a dictionary search page and enter the word manually (or even use the integrated search field, normally used for google searches), then I could just as easily suggest that YOU never click on a link, but instead copy the URL to the clipboard, open a new tab (if you want), paste the new URL in and press enter.

I don't want to do that (and neither, I suspect, do you) simply because it's a heck of a lot less convenient.

Great to hear. I'm going to wait for the auto-update to kick in, 1.03's not available in en-GB yet. I can't wait for later versions where critical security patches are just small XPI's or Binary patches so that Critical security fixes could be distributed globally, quickly within hours of a fix! Microsoft could never beat that! X)

Asa, am I supposed to be seeing this on the Firefox product page and the front page?:

(Two �Free Download�s � �Firefox 1.0.2 for Windows, English (British)� and �Firefox 1.0.3 for Windows, English�)

It could confuse newbies, especially those who don't understand the different between �English (British)� and �English�.

*cough* add �(American)� *cough*

Blimundus, I think they solved the problem for Windows users where every installation of Firefox would add its own entry into Add/Remove Programs. Now when you upgrade 1.0.2 to 1.0.3, you won't have two entries in there anymore. Whether that's the improvement they were talking about, I don't know.

Still waiting for the following extensions to be updated:

Dictionary Search
All-in one mouse gestures

Other than the extensions not being updated yet, I have had no problems with 1.0.3

Am I the first one to notice?! U.M.O has gone live once again, with the Developer's Corner. Asa, you didn't blog about it yet ;)

I need FF 1.0.3 Korean version!!

1.0.3 install was flawless. Install cleared out previous versions 1.0.1 and 1.0.2.
I push Firefox hard ... currently have 37 extensions, 3 themes and 10 plugins. My extensions range from heavy weight Mozilla Calendar through fringe apps like Greasemonkey running 15 scripts. I have never lost a profile in Firefox since I started with .7
An impressive program - My hat is off to a awesome organization.

Firefox 1.0.3 installation fails on Linux (RH9 w/ Fedora Legacy updates).

FF 1.0.2 installation went quite well.


>Firefox 1.0.3 installation fails on Linux (RH9 w/ Fedora Legacy updates).

>FF 1.0.2 installation went quite well.

Got the firefox-1.0.3.tar.gz build from,
installed and everything runs fine.

secunia still lists unpatched vulnerabilities for firefox on and they updated for 1.0.3 since at least was fixed in 1.0.3. for that one, they write "Solution: Update to version 1.0.3.".

How come those were not fixed for 1.0.3? They are bogus/new/there is no patch?

I've just got DictionaySearch 0.9.1 by auto update, though, at the time of this writing, the homepage ( of the extension has not mentioned the new release. As my Firefox is rather older one (Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.7.7) Gecko/20050408 Firefox/1.0.3), I don't know for sure whether this version is compatible with the official release of Firefox 1.0.3.

DictionarySearch 0.9.1 seems to work fine with official Firefox 1.0.3 (Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.7.7) Gecko/20050414 Firefox/1.0.3).

And Copy URL Plus 1.3.1, which claims Firefox 1.0.3 and Mozilla 1.7.7 compatibility, is also announced (, though I have not been able to get it (Object not found error) ;-)

Update update :-)

Official realease of DictionarySearch 0.9.1 can be found at

There still remains some problems in this version. See

Thank you Mr. Henrik Jensen. I found above information from your writing :-)

Update update :-)
DictionarySearch 0.9.1 can be found at

Thank you Mr. Henrik Jensen. I found above information from your writing :-)

I aplogize for my double posting. During upload, I found time out error, but actually it was posted on the board ;-)

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