email of the week


This week was so fun I've decided to post two :)

From: Mike Reeves <>
Subject: FO

Dear ass@mofo,
You guys even screwed up being able to view pix now. Goo Bye, Dum fux. You threw away a golden goose cuz yer dum. I've switched (like millions now) to netscape.

From: James
Subject: bar

i have version 1.2. Cannot get progress bar at bottom of screen


is GooBye a new google product? I bet it stays in beta forever.

Heh, great punctuation but poor spelling in the first! Oh, and totally indecipherable.

Having done email support once for a time, the second email made me laugh until I cried. Oh, you have an incredibly old version and a very vague problem? I'll be happy to help you!

LOL, wow that is hilarious. Reading those was absolutely the most enjoyable part of my day. I would like to say thank you to the wonderful people that sent those emails.

> I've switched (like millions now) to netscape.


I've done helpdesk work before and if I had recieved that call I probably would have laughed in his face and hung up on him ...

It's porssible that the second guys meant 1.0.2 and not 1.2.

> It's porssible that the second guys meant 1.0.2 and not 1.2.

Even if he did, emailing is fairly unlikely to garner any assistance regarding the mysterious vanishing progress bar. Unless he thinks someone stole it, in that case I can see why he thought might be appropriate.

Asa, I sometimes post such mails to my blogg too, but obscuring the sender would be a nice move, even tough they really deserve to be laughed at.

I don't see why the sender should be obscured. If he'd specifically said that he didn't want his address shared, fine. I don't see a note asking for that.

Random people on the Internet get off far too lightly for random abusive email.

- Chris

I honestly think you in this post are being just a big an ass as they may be stupid.

It is not at all nice to make other ridicule in public. One thing is to actually post the emails of some frustrated users, it is another thing to not event scramble their identity.

You could have made several other posts regarding such emails, like:
- How do we improve communications towards the casual users ?
- How do we improve our pages, so that people don't wrongly write to scurity@m.o
- How do we improve the help system so that we can avoid the most basic questions/ user errors ?

to name a few, all of which would be far more constructive than the one you just posted.

But hey you got a good laugh, maybe thats all that counts ;-)

I wasn't aware that stupidity was an excuse for rudeness. Plenty of people try to excuse their rude behaviour instead of apologising.

On the matter of whether this is appropriate, that's a bit touchier. If those mails were sent to addresses, it's easy to see how publiching them could be inappropriate on a blog which isn't officially santioned by MoFo.

As for the silly question about using these emails for some "constructive" purpose: there are always going to be idiots firing rude emails at anyone whose email address they can find. This isn't going to be stopped by any constructive initiatives.

- Chris

Chris C: I expect that noone publishes my e-mails if i send it to specific address which isn't a mailing list or something like that. If someone really wants to publish it, he should remove the From: from that mail.

mcsmurf, the guy who sent email to the security group for something that clearly wasn't a security bug, I removed his address, he just made a fairly common mistake. The guy who sends me email calling me a "dumb fux", I've got no problem publishing his email address. Maybe he'll think twice about sending personal email to people he doesn't know calling them names.

- A

He didn't even use your name, Asa. Who is "ass@mofo" I wonder...I don't see anything wrong with posting it.

That "fux" thing would mean "(fire)fox", not you, Asa. :-) Anyway I agree with Neil on "ass@mofo" part.

Ass is a misspelling of Asa. You could call him Assa, or just drop the a and call him Ass. It's just messing up his name to be rude. Like, if you wanted to call me a bad thing, you could call me Thomass. See, you've just turned me into an ass! What wit!

Assa will now call me Thomass in IRC, no doubt.

And we alllllll know what sort of "pix" he likes to view *rolleyes*

Good thing, Asa has this attitude problem. oh, and behold, that will help millions switch to firefox inspite of it, wont they?

I wonder how many spambot will hit this page and pull out for inclusion in their "opted-in" lists...

Would you look at that! I just stopped caring.


Posting emails on the internet with the full address of the sender is definitely lame and impolite and in some countries illegal. Email has to be regarded private communication and unless there is something in it that is unlawful you should keep it private or at least remove the personal information of the sender. This looks like the pathetic attempt of a teenage boy to be cool.

Email regarded as private communication? That is to funny. Unless you encrypt your email messages, email is a postcard. Any mailserver it passes through can potentially store/read it. You're only 'private' because the volume of email generally makes it impractical.


Actually you are too funny ;-). How easy it is to "hack", does not determine of the comminication is considered private or public. A mouth to mouth conversation is also easy to hack.

Emails unless directed towards a public list is considered private either within the person to person relationship or within the closed set of recipients.