October 23, 2004

popular non-microsoft applications

Rob Pegoro, in the Washington Post, has this to say about the Google desktop search:

After trying Google Desktop for a week, I'm almost ready to make that leap. Why "almost"? Google Desktop needs to search through more than just the files created by Microsoft's own programs. To start, it must expand its Web and mail-search capabilities to such popular non-Microsoft applications as Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird and Qualcomm's Eudora. It also ought to be able to index the contents of Portable Document Format and Rich Text Format files, plus instant-message chats carried out in non-AOL software.
I've got some hopeful news for Rob. I'm hearing, through the grapevine, that more complete Firefox and Thunderbird support is on the way. In the mean time, feel free to let them know that you want it too :-)

Posted by asa at 9:11 PM