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The "one million downloads in 100 hours" news is on slashdot today. If you see this mentioned in any other big press sites, please let me know here in the comments. I'm trying to keep track of all the stories but it's just too much to do without some help. Thanks.


Slashdot is full of Mozilla users and won't bring anymore users to mozilla. MF needs to be on foxnews, and other such big news names in order to bring people to use and switch to firefox. However being on slashdot might help getting to the traditional Media. What about a PR from MOF to push things a bit ?,1558,1646979,00.asp
I don't know this is or isn't a big site, but it's a long article :)

Found from a Google News search for Firefox Firefox: 1 million downloads

Thanks for the article links folks. It's Monday, so I expect (hopefully) quite a few new articles to come up today. All help in keeping track of them is greatly appreciated.


Rush Limbaugh is a Mac user. Try to get Rush to mention it, particularly once 1.0 Mac is released. I diagree with almost everything the man says, but a whole lot a people would take his endorsement as God's decree.

Getting *any* radio pundits (right, left, and non-political) would be good press. Neal Boortz, a libertarian out of Atlanta, has mentioned Firefox in his show and in the show notes; he needs a button on his page! Clark Howard, who has a consumer advocate show (also out of Atlanta), essentially has a link to Firefox (and Opera, Netscape, and a few IE "skins") on his front page.

Insanely Great Mac: Firefox downloads top 1 million

if this made the TV that would be cool, El Paso - La Cruces, TX
Kind of long article, brief mention of fx

If you have not had enough leet comments check out the comments on


Linuxelectrons: Mozilla FireFox Preview Reachs 1 Million Download Mark

One of the largest Dutch computer-related news sites

Asa, Firefox topping one million downloads got some press today at The Washington Post. Wonder why they didn't mention the two million mark in 10 days?