Are any of you all using Blogger? It looks like they've just pushed a rather large update to the Blogger tools. I'm hoping some of you all can download the latest 1.7 branch builds and let me know if everything works and looks OK.


At least from a quick look, things are good. (Though without noticing it, I'm actually a month behind on nightlies.) Even the BlogThis window, that was horribly misbehaving for a while, is fixed. One of the advantages of being the browser that most of the people working on it use: I'd be more worried that they forgot to test something in IE ;)

I downloaded the latest nightly, and things work fine. Because I wanted to test all the new features anyway, I did it with this nightly and I didn't find any problems.

The only 'bug' I found was that you can't press ctrl+a in a text entry field and highlight the all the text...but I noticed that is just a mozilla/firefox bug in general (may only be in Linux...). Probably a missing feature more than a bug...however, it goes to the beggining of what ever line you are on, so maybe that's just a shortcut they did on purpose for Linux people. I'd rather have it do the hilighting...

Well, you got your answer already, but it works like a charm again. I try about 3 to 4 nighty versions a week and it has been a while since Blogger worked like it should.

yacoubean, try alt+a for select all on linux. ctrl+a does what you saw, moves the caret to the beginning of the line.

Thanks for the feedback, Phil, yacoubean, and localhost. I figured it was better to ask for testing help than to query bugzilla for bugs with the url daily until the release :-) Nice to have that minor weight off my shoulders. Now if we can just figure out that funky blogspot encoding bug.

Aaah, thanks Asa. I feel much better now that I know how to select all in text fields. :) Keep up the good work!

Hello. I am new to both blogger and mozilla. I placed my blog as an inline frame on my homepage at It works great in mozilla and netscape, but in safari and ie, it is pushed all the way over to the right, in the archives section. I built the page using mozilla 1.7, without meaning to. I now am using 1.6, blogger help said it must be something with the css, which I know nothing about. Can anyone help me? Please? I don't want to take down the site, but I sure am thinking about it these days.......