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To follow up on my Firefox link-dump last week, here are some more comments on Firefox 0.8 collected from around the blogosphere:

random observations says "Firefox, O how I love thee. Seriously, this thing kicks ass."

John Wyles says "Please tell me you are not still using Internet Explorer (IE).... Download Mozilla FireFox now and you will not regret it! You'll never go back to that hideous IE ever again!"

kuro5hin says "MSIE 6.0 is a fine internet browser and usually does an adequate job for most people, just like your average toaster does a pretty good job at turning bread into toast.... But for those more-savvy internet users who demand a little more, I heartily recommend giving Mozilla Firebird a try."

Erik Anderson says "With the release of Firefox (the new name for Firebird) I decided it was time to finally make the switch. I'm not sure why I've stuck with IE for so long."

mtpolitics.net says "It's not often that I endorse a product, but I have to let you know that Mozilla Firefox is possibly the best browser around, especially if you are stuck using Internet Exploder.... Sure, Firefox is still < 1.0, but I use it everyday, and it quite simply kicks butt."

Who Censored Blogger Rabbit? says "...the best browser I've used so far. I started using it due to the recommendation of bloggers and I want to help share the wealth. Try it and check out the extensions page. After you've used Firefox you'll want to tell the world also."

Jessica Breckenridge says "I've been using Mozilla firefox after seeing it on a linkdump, and a comment from steve, and I have to say it's great. All the benefits of mozilla, without all the bloat."

eleven (or is it "out of context"?) says "If you use IE? I'm not fixing your computer anymore :op Get FireFox . Really, it's a great browser, has lots of features in, a pop up blocker, etc. It's fast, and so far, pages looks as GOOD as with IE, unless the page was poorly written."

Andrew Ducker says "If you're not using it and you're fed up with the ridiculous popups, adverts, crashes and general annoyances that come with Internet Explorer then you should bloody well be downloading it here."

113th Street says "Mozilla is a good program, but I prefer Firefox. It's extraordinarilly fast and has a very nice feel, with a very large content window. It blocks pop-up ads and has integrated Google search.... Mozilla calls this program a "technology preview" and warns users that bugs remain, but in my experience, this preview works far better than Internet Explorer."

Ross Notes says "If you've previously been disappointed in the look and feel of previous Mozilla/Phoenix/Firebird/Thunderbird releases on OS X, stop wasting your time with Ross Notes and start downloading Firefox.... It is truly a thing of beauty."

ryno_v_6point7 says "just installed FIREFOX and I swah foe GAWD I will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever use IE ever again."

PD says "Glorious Firefox. Oh yes. For those not using it yet, Firefox (the successor to Firebird) is out (obligatory button/link below). Rather than rant on about how great it is, here's an article to get even more from this fantastic browser."

Things That Fell Out of My Head says " I am thrilled with it. I use it along with the Guidescope proxy and I just don't ever see ads or popups. Yes, I really mean ever."

nocs @ work says "i have to say this FIREFOX ROCKS!!! mouse gestures is friggin awesome! this is by far the best browser on the planet!"

kyrahjade says "I installed Firefox, which is the new Mozilla Firebird. Get it now! :) The way IE is going, I shudder, twitch, and do other undesirable things when I think about having to care and feed it."

Kev's Useless Bollocks says "Firebird, ahem, Firefox now rocks on Linux. I've stuck with Galeon for ages because Firebird used to render fonts awfully. Now they're *lovely* :-)....What a schweet browser. Sorry Galeon, I won't be using you again :-) In fact even my wife thinks Firefox is awesome and she won't be using IE again in Winders either :-)"

Stupid Evil Bastard says "The newly renamed (again) FireFox includes a Window's installer for the first time and continues the trend of being the fastest and most compliant browser available."

Manuzhai says "While I was a fan of IE 6 some time ago, Firebird and now Firefox have been installed as my default browser for a few months, and I haven't looked back. Firefox beats IE easily when it comes to features like the tabs, pop-up blocks and some pretty good extensions that I can get."

Jim Doty says "Firefox is faster, safer, and better than Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE)."

silentblue says "Firefox 0.8 hints at a new level of professionalism within the Foundation with its sharp graphics and user-focused design."

snapturtle blog says "Are you still using Internet Explorer on Windows or god forbid on Mac? Do yourself a favor by downloading Firefox and start to experience features like built-in pop up blocking and tabbed browsing. You can thank me later."

furtive explorations says "Even as a "preview" FireFox is a sexier browser than most and is well worth your time even as a secondary. So small, so fast, so wiley, you can't help but hope it one day outruns the big dog."

the Jer zone says "You've dumped Internet Exploder already, right? If not, do it today. Mozilla.org is out with their latest update (including a name change): Firefox browser."

Cynical-Rose.Net says "Me thinks I'll be using I.E. quite a bit less now."

All4Naught says "OK, I finally down loaded Mozilla Firefox today and had to rant on how frickin cool it is. I've been using Mozilla for some time but I like Firefox even better. Takes a geek to get excited over a browser but for life of me how can you people continue to use Internet Explorer."

Kilrae.ca says "People should be using better software. Why use Internet Explorer when Firefox is so much better and easy to use?"

Warning: Boring Middle Aged Woman says "For Faster Browsing of Web Sites like this, try the Firefox Browser. It's free, it's fast and it's made by the folks who care that we have a choice."

LinuxDig says "First impressions are that this is a great browser. It loads fast, renders pages quicker then any other contending browser and it is not bad to look at either.... Here is my review for Firefox, it is now my primary browser on all my systems. What else can I say?"

Sampo: The Journal of Abundant Media says "I went and downloaded a copy of Firefox and I gotta say... not bad. I like that it's faster and smaller than Mozilla proper. It's prettier, too... and I like the logo."

shawnj says "was very, very impressed. It's the fastest browser I think I've used yet, and the interface is simple, clean, and intuitive. I was so impressed with how it operated, that I'm writing an entry about it. ;)"

brilliant corners says "Get Firefox! This is now my primary browser, and I only use Internet Explorer when needed for work stuff. There's nothing that I miss about IE, that this browser can't do."

Steven's Notebook says "I downloaded upgraded the Mozilla project Firebird browser to Firefox today and am immediately pleased. Startup speed, repaint speed, both very impressive. If you've been messing around with Firebird, time to upgrade. If not, time to give it a try."

simian uprising says "Mozilla has just released a brand new version of their amazing browser Firefox. It has all the obvious features of internet explorer, as well as a horde of new (if you're using IE) and awesome things, such as tabbed browsing (an amazing way to organize your web wanderings), as well as totally functional integrated popup blocking."

belt0033 says "Still using Microsoft Internet Explorer as your primary web browser? Why?"

Hendrik Mans says "But what's really sold the search bar to me is that you can use it entirely through the keyboard. Hit Ctrl-K to put the text input cursor into the search query input field, hit Ctrl-Up/Down to cycle through available search engines, and, obviously, hit Enter to go... it's pure love."

orangetrashface says "Do yourself a favor and quit using Internet Explorer. Too many stupid pop ups and spyware and all sorts of other badness. Go get yourself a copy of Mozilla Firefox (formerly Firebird). Tabbed browsing rocks my butterscotch."

Dailylife @ turtelina.net says "I am so used to IE, that I probably wont change browser for good, but Firefox loads every page so much faster than Internet Explorer, mad."

Genealogy Blog says " haven't seen a pop-up in over a year because Firefox blocks them all. Every last one of them. Yes, surfing the web is a joy.... How compatible is Firefox with the world wide web? I do all of my Internet banking with the browser, pay bills, and buy stuff."

Johnny Logic says "I installed Firefox (a fine web browser) and configured extensions that, effectively, make Firefox my News Aggregator, notebook, and mail app. Even without the extensions, Firefox is worth using-- it is flexible, stable, and intuitive. Highly recommended."

kiwidude says "Get Firefox, the ultimate browser. I use it all the time."

FlaBlog says " I have been underwhlemed Mozilla's efforts in the past, but wow! Mozilla Firefox is fast, fast, fast and impressive. It has tabs, password managment, skins, built-in pop-up blocker and other things ie won't do."

Martin says "Oooh, baby! It's fast, easy to customize and it's been pretty stable so far."

Paolo Massa Blog says "Stop using Internet Explorer. A wonderful alternative: FireFox."

tfosorciM.org says "Initial impressions are that, like Firebird 0.7, it "just works". Nice tabbed browsing. Fast. And, so far, stable."

Thompsonian says "These guys can't pick a name to save their lives, but they make a pretty good web browser."

tin_the_fatty weblog says "Go download Mozilla Firefox, then install the Web Developer Extension, and be happy. No, make it ecstasy."

felisha.com says "I'm in love with the new Firefox 0.8 from Mozzila. It's simple, loads faster than IE, and has Google toolbar integrated."

The Magnificient BaKsHi.us! says "Besides the browsing corrections found in FireFox, I enjoy its browse with tabbing, its godlike ad-blocking (Zero since install), and its huge plugin community.... It is only a 6 MB download and it is the answer to some of your internet strifes."

Jason Alexander's Blog says "Well, I'm totally hooked on Mozilla's latest browser version, FireFox."

Discopants and Haircuts says "GET THIS BROWSER! Firefox, by Mozilla. ..NO POP-UPs, FAST and it's free! BLOWS INTERNET EXPLORER OUT OF THE WATER!"

theantipoet says "I started using Mozilla Firefox instead of IE today. Just wanted to announce that it's wonderful :-) I've already changed my default browser, and am considering using ThunderBird (I think that's the name of it... same company as Firefox) for my e-mail."

hybridanalysis.com says "This browser is FAST! Alot quicker then IE and more complacent then Netscape. I am completely impressed with it's skinable theme abilities and it's plug-ins!"

hello, sorry about the mess says "Is my newest browser friend.... I know, I'm a little late on the bandwagon, but have been pleased enough with it to share."

jace says "Several small tweaks, and I'll dump Safari for Firefox."

xseraphx says "For those of you who haven't tried it, firefox kicks much ass! I would highly recommend it."

wind(the)frog(dot)net says "Given it's free, again I ask why haven't you tried this yet? Give it a go. Just for a week. if you don't like it, then at least you can say that you tried it first. Go on, download it."

bigkittywolf says "i finally got sick of OmniWeb crashing all the time. so i went out and grabbed Mozilla's FireFox (it has a cute icon too!) it is all that and a bag of chips."

Unruly Ramblings says "For those of you that have not tried Firefox yet, go straight there without passing go. My infinite experience of 2 days tells me that it is going to give Safari a run for its money. The area that Firefox surpasses Safari is in its ability to support extensions."

shades of the mad says "i downloaded firefox tonight...it is faster!!!"

GuysBlog says "Firefox Rox! I've been using it for about a week and a half (since Molly Hozschlag pointed it out) and it quickly became my default browser, displacing Firebird."

tygermoonfoxx says "I agreed to try out Firefox and I like it so much that I'm discontinuing the use of Internet Explorer."

Technorotica says "The Bagel.b virus is aiming to hit users. Backdoors; e-mail address plunder; spam relays ... it's got it all. Haven't you moved to FireFox and Thunderbird yet?"

RobZone Weblog says "I want to highly recommend a new browser. I have tried it on windows 2000, windows xp, Macintosh OSX Panther, and Linux. It is made from Mozilla but does things so well. I don't know that I will ever go back to Internet Explorer.It is Firefox."

Ken Robertson's Blog says " I must say that I do like Firefox, if only for the tabbing support!"

Chad's Weblog says "I am very impressed."

i dash pulse says "This browser is just, well, amazing."

An Englishman's Castle says "I was bored by Internet Explorer and so have swapped to Firefox. (And no I'm not a Microsoft hater, I just think it works better.)"

Heiko Hebig says "I have been a hardcore Internet Explorer user even since, let me think, IE 5.0.... Yesterday I installed the Mozilla crew's latest release, Firefox 0.8. Yes, they changed names again but this time they hope that Firefox will remain. Naming issues aside, Firefox is fun. It feels complete and very mature."

nebyoolae says "Download this superior alternative to Internet Explorer and never look back."

ModBlog says "FireFox was released a couple of days ago, and already like nearly every designer i know, from bloggers to GFX desingers are using it."

mustard says "I'm tired of worrying about what websites are potentially hi-jacking my computer. I'm annoyed with the amount of times I had to try to "fix" my Dad's computer over the phone because somebody mistakingly installed spyware.... Insomnia has caused me to finally take a "stand." I just downloaded Mozilla's Firefox browser."

daveXtreme says "I know I've ranted about web browsers before, but to quickly summarize why you should be using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer: pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, Built-in Search, no major security flaws that let people steal your bank passwords, and standards compliance.... Windows users: go download Firefox -- it has the daveXtreme seal of approval!"

To The Sky! says "I joined the bandwagon and downloaded Firefox as well. Gaaahhh. It's so cool."

Uber-Hindi says " BTW, get Firefox. The browser ROCKS. ;-)"

The Digital Duck says "I've been completely taken over by a new browser by Mozilla, it's called Firefox (previously Firebird) and totally rocks!!! You can download it here Mozilla Firefox. I haven't had any problems with it, and I've even seen one case where it rendered a page correctly where IE messed it up. I know that a lot of you may have encountered this before but it was a first for me. Now I'm sure Firefox isn't perfect... but so far it is in my eyes :D"

Lee Kok Mun's Log says "Installed Mozilla Firefox. Its still not as website-friendly as IE, but its definitely faster and more useful."

If I mentioned you twice, lucky you :-) If I left you off, please drop me a comment or an e-mail and let me know.


Wow, how do you manage to find all these?

My bet is on an RSS feed, such as Bloglines that enables one to subscribe to a search for, say, "FireFox":

The Bloglines keyword search is good way to find blogs and entries that you might be interested in. You can also subscribe to a search, and Bloglines will automatically notify you when new items matching your keywords are published. Simply use the search box on the left to define your search. When viewing the results, click on the Subscribe To This Search button, and you will be notified when new entries are received that match your search.

Or, since the posting alludes to a "track-dump," a trackback ping reporter.

I bet he used Feedster [1]. By the way, I think I wrote some comments on my own weblog as well... :P

[1] http://www.feedster.com/

Feedster, Technorati (citations for firefox pages at mozilla.org plus a few popular reviews), Daypop, Popdex (a couple) and Google, plus a few sent to me in email and others found via other posts in the list.

Firefox helped me kick heroin

I mentioned it on SlothRadio...not a huge news site, so it's still on the front page about 4 posts down.