June 3, 2003

joel ripples

A few interesting blogs on Mozilla recently:

Call for Mozilla Switch and Part 2 cover 10 great reasons to switch to Mozilla. "It's not about Open Source, not better web standard support, Mozilla is just simply better."

Jason Lefkowitz at Just Well Mixed agrees with Oscar Merida at Oscarm.org and thinks that "stealth switching" is going to become more and more common.

Chris Curtis at Lethargic Ramblings likes the idea of a huge marketing campaign and thinks that something like Dave's "Luxury Web Experience" suggestion at mezzoblue could work.

79 Decibels sees a pretty serious spike in non-IE user agents and it looks like the Joel Spolsky's Firebird comments have had a pretty good ripple effect:

Trader Mike
RasterWe b
Jon Udell's weblog
Gregory Blake
Scripting News
Marcus Ramberg
FS Consulting's Weblog
Dave Seidel
Tom Pierce
Critical Section
Tim Aiello
StandBlog (google translation)
Heiko Hebig
Jack Baty
Jeff hume
KiYun Roe
e-mike's weblog
Edward Bilodeau's weblog
Words of Waldman v2.0
Evil Fenius Chronicles
jra's thoughts
Micah Alpern
(and there were a dozen or so additional blogs that I bumpted into that linked or excerpted Joel but didn't add commentary.)

There are also a a half-dozen or so blog posts I've run across in the last couple of days discussing people trying out (and liking) Firebird. Maybe more ripple from Joel?

Temperantia R3
Kevin Donahue
Fazal Majid's low-intensity weblog
Synthetic Morpheme
Groc's bloggette

Firebird even gets a mention at Dog News: weird, inspiring dog tales :-)

update: If you're looking for more on Mozilla Firebird then don't miss don't miss David Tenser's amazing Firebird Help site, Ben Goodger's great Reasons to switch to the Mozilla Firebird browser doc and Minh Truong's 10 incredible Mozilla Firebird features (and how to use them) page.

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