a pantry and some css


Today I built a pantry. As regular readers will already know, Deanna and I moved into a new place. It's a '50s home with strange closets everywhere (and even a hint of the original green paint scheme in some of them). One large closet sits across the hall from the kitchen and today we cut, sanded, finished and installed some nice C-shaped shelving for storing our assorted dry foodstuffs and whatnot. It was about a 3 hour project and very rewarding. It just feels good building something that organizes a piece of your life.

Today (and last night too) I put some more work into the "why use Mozilla" pages (only the index and the Users pages are my content. Myk, Marcia, Andreww, Arun and others made the really useful docs). Since we're not using the normal site wrapper, I created a little convenience footer for each of the pages that contains a link to edit the page (using Doctor, a web-based editor for CVS) and a link for document history (as seen by Bonsai). I also created a draft alternate stylesheet for the index page, which I'm still working on, that you can see in Mozilla by using the View->Use Style->yellow&blue menu item.

I'm having a blast learning CSS and putting it to use. I find it quite intuitive and where not intuitive, pretty easy to learn with not much more than a causal glance at the spec. I literally guessed my way through the styling of the Users page and only had to look at the spec a couple of times. I'm pretty happy with how easy it was to create the Users page with basic HTML and CSS 1. You can do some really nice positioning and styling that degrades well in non-css or buggy css browsers by writing clean table-less HTML and keeping mostly to CSS 1. Maybe I'll train my sites on this site and see if I can make it more visually appealing. If you have suggestions just poke the comments link and let me know.


The "Download Mozilla Now" links on the Users (http://www.mozilla.org/why/users.html) pages contain download links to the old Mozilla 1.3 beta builds, should be 1.3.

Looking good though =)

The alternate stylesheet (yellow&blue) - there's black text on blue background - not very readable. :)

Personally, I think that a site "Why use Mozilla" should make use of some stunning techniques Mozilla supports, like thins from meyerweb.com/css/edge/ :)

Hi Asa,

Just a few remarks:
- IMHO, you should soften a bit the colors on the users page (especially the yellow and the green). It's a bit flashy right now (at least for me). If they could be as soft as the yellow of the "Edit this page" box in the bottom of the page, it'd be perfect :)
- on the users-features.html page, I'm not sure that you should put all the standard-compliancy at the top. Sure, it's very nice to have this, but I suppose that most people don't even know what they are. For me, a better order would be: at first, the "convenience" list, then the list of plugins, the "power" list and finally the list of the supported standards and of applications for web developers.
Maybe it's only me, but I think it'd make more sense, if the page is designed for basic users.

Other than that, great work :) Such pages were really needed, 'cause mozilla.org isn't very pretty.

erm, not related to your own work, but anyway:
On the "Why support Mozilla" page, Camino� is still called Chimera (and the link to it is still the old one).
Oh, and adding a link to http://www.pivx.com/larholm/unpatched/ on this page could be useful to show how bad IE is :)

I have a distinct feeling that that page was meant to have a white background. If so, please set it cos it looks butt-ugly against my default grey. :)

Marco said: "Personally, I think that a site "Why use Mozilla" should make use of some stunning techniques Mozilla supports,..."

Remember that this is a page that is hopefully convincing users of OTHER browsers to migrate.... so, it must work in MSIE. If MSIE users come to this page to learn about mozilla and the page looks bad because it has something that MSIE does poorly, they'll blame it on the website designer, not the browser and it may actually work against mozilla. Just MHO.


Congrats on the move. On the why use Mozilla link, You hit the nail on the head with users 1-4. I am a bit doubtful on #5 and #6. Why are you trying to convince people who hack on bugzilla and Mozilla to use the product they hack on? That's preaching to the choir if you ask me.