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May 12, 2004


The Magnifier is a very nice JS and CSS effect. You can read about it here.

Posted by asa at May 12, 2004 12:29 AM

could this be transformed into an extension somehow?
i'm not too happy about how the image zoomer extension works now... with right-clicking for zooming in and out everytime. this looks great though.

Posted by: sensemann on May 12, 2004 12:50 PM


Wonder if Jesse could update pornzilla to use that!

Could be very cool to use that. Would really enhance my pr0n experience.

Posted by: Robert Accettura on May 12, 2004 09:31 PM

Very cool indeed.

Extension would not be possible, since its not one image that is zoomed, its 2 images, the one you see and a bigger version of it. It gives you the impresion its zooming, but its not.

Posted by: Josť Jeria on May 13, 2004 10:09 AM

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